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Project Kenny Canines Supporting Military Veterans

To provide support to military vets & service members using canines & other therapeutic techniques.

Project Kenny was founded to assist active and former military personnel, who have sustained injuries from, or suffered through trauma during military service.
At Project Kenny, we are empowering veterans to continue their service on the Homefront, with the help of a service dog. Serving in the United States military teaches veterans core values, principals, and duty above all. The veteran population is more likely to serve in their hometowns, preform civic duties, and volunteer their time amongst their neighbors.
The VA will write a prescription for a service animal, but will not provide a trained service animal for veterans. There are several nonprofits pairing veterans with service animals across the US, and the waiting lists average three years. Meanwhile, a long wait is not in the best interest of the veteran. Every day, there is an average of 22 deaths to veteran suicide, and we are working diligently to lower this number with the support and companionship of a service dog.

Veterans can be such an asset to our country, and they’ve given so much already, but they still choose to give back to their neighbors and communities. We have a waiting list of 70 veterans, which is too long at our current capacity. We train six dogs a year, but we have the capacity to train five more dogs and reach five more veterans a year.
$25,000 would allow Project Kenny to add five more dogs a year to the training rotation. The amount would cover the cost of food, veterinary services, training and the opportunity to purchase the first round of dog supplies for each veteran to set up their home for the dog.
The training rotation ensures each dog is trained in multiple environments. Training is six hours a day, six days a week, at the kennel, with each of the two trainers taking half the dogs. Home environment training is seven hours a day, six days a week, with each of the two trainers taking half the dogs.

Project Kenny connects veterans with service animals, to alleviate symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress, allowing our nation’s veterans to better serve at home, within their own communities. Project Kenny pairs six veterans each year with service animals and other support, at no cost to the veteran.
If a veteran prefers to have a their current pet serve as an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) or a certified service animal, Project Kenny provides free training virtually or in person to help the veteran accomplish this goal.
Since 2017, Project Kenny has helped to train and/or certify 32 dogs. That’s 32 service members, veterans and their families who are now empowered to live and serve as healthier, happier members of society.
If a service member needs support, but finds a dog is not a practical solution, Project Kenny has provided gym equipment, school training for reemployment, and connected veterans with community based support.

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