Resilient Brilliant Survivors of Human Trafficking

LNF is dedicated to the restoration, education and protection of survivors of human trafficking.

LNF provides survivors of human trafficking 18 months of safe housing and restorative services such as counseling, boxing, art therapy, and workforce development programming that provides training and placement for survivors of human trafficking in entry level IT positions throughout the nation. So far we have supported multiple survivors as they’ve progressed through our IT programming; receiving Cisco network basic certifications. They are now pursuing higher level certifications and education. One of our graduates is currently working at Cisco Systems in the Learning @ Cisco labs. She now can lives a safe and sustainable life with her son. Not only does she have a full-time job with benefits, but she has her own apartment, car, and safe childcare for her young son. We look forward to supporting more survivors in their journey to wholeness and safety. Story:

There is a severe lack of housing options for survivors of human trafficking. In fact the National Human Trafficking hotline research revealed that there are less than 1000 beds sufficient to restore survivors of human trafficking. Equally important are the sustainable and trauma informed workforce development programs and placements. These are the top two needs that survivors have requested when leaving a life of exploitation. We provide both and believe they are key to replacing generational poverty and exploitation with restoration and hope.

A grant of $25,000 would provide 10 survivors access to jobs in IT. We are a Cisco networking academy and have strategy relationships with industries are in need of IT professionals. Healthcare, legal, and financial industry desperately need more staff than what is currently available. We believe resilient and brilliant members of our community have been overlooked because they were not aware of their own talents or the opportunities that are available to them. We are prepared to be a bridge between them and a future of freedom and safety.