Highland County Homeless Shelter

Provide emergency shelter for homeless individuals and families, in order to, attain stable housing.

The Highland County Homeless Shelter opened in 2004 as a 28 bed emergency shelter serving men, women, and families with children. It is the only state recognized shelter in Highland County. We provide extensive case management to clients for up to 90 days, assisting them with employment, acquiring benefits, and permanent housing. We provide food, clothing, and a safe place to live while the client works to regain a productive life for themselves, or their families; 100% of our clients fall below 2019 Federal Poverty Level guidelines, many having no income at all. Residents arrive without a home or place to live, and by providing them with temporary shelter gives them the opportunity to focus on their needs, many individuals and families return to our local community with the knowledge, life skills, and housing security to become productive citizens again. With this project, we can insure that they are given a chance to focus on their needs, and eliminate many barriers encountered.

We are dedicated the betterment of a client’s life by assisting them in securing the services, income and housing they need to live a productive life in our community once they leave the shelter. With the State Farm grant, we can continue to provide the clients with an encouraging environment, so they can focus on their needs, and begin to move forward, and break the cycle of hopelessness, and poverty in which they have been living. We plan to continue our goals of achieving 80-90% positive rehousing of clients, 30-40% of our clients gaining meaningful employment, and 80-90% of clients acquiring the needed non-cash benefits they are eligible for while living below poverty levels. With many grant funded programs reducing homeless funding, we have seen an obvious reduction in revenue. Highland County continues to see an increase in homelessness and in order to continue services we need financial assistance with; food, building maintenance, daily operations, utilities, and clothing.

Highland County is a small rural community with limited resources, employment and affordable housing opportunities. An award of $25,000 from the State Farm grant will allow us to assist more homeless individuals and children living on the streets within our community. With the increase in homeless men, women, and children, we in turn have an increase in the costs of our day-to-day operations. In order for us to maintain the level of services provided; funding is an essential aspect of our work. Since the Highland County Homeless Shelter is over 15 years upgrades are needed. Statistically, in 2017-2018 the shelter assisted over 300 homeless people in need of our services; 2019 continues to see an increase in homelessness. The Highland County Homeless Shelter hopes to never have to tell someone in need that we cannot assist them. Financial support is imperative to the success of our program. Thank you