Supply Packages for Kids Entering Foster Care

To purchase and deliver new clothing and other supplies for kids entering foster care.

Most kids who enter foster care have very few belongings such as clothes and personal items. This leaves social workers and foster parents scrambling to find the items necessary to get children through the first few hours and days of their foster care placement. This adds stress to an already stressful situation for foster parents. Entering foster care is a traumatic situation for children. No matter what situation they are coming out of, being in a new home with new people can be scary. There is a huge need to comfort children who are just entering foster care. Many social workers and foster parents are doing a great job, but supplying them with a care package with all the necessities to get through the first few days of a new placement would be a huge help to these families and would restore dignity to vulnerable children who have just entered foster care.

The $25,000 would be used to purchase items for care packages for all the children who will enter foster care in our community within the next year. Approximately 125 children enter foster care in our area each year, so for each child $200 could be used to purchase a duffel bag, new socks, new underwear, diapers and wipes, clothing, fun items such as a toy, as well as other supplies that children may need. Additionally, we would work with a grocery store to deliver a load of groceries to the foster family on the first or second night of a new placement. Having a $25,000 grant to spend on supplies would address a huge need for new foster care placements. This would also alleviate a lot of stress on foster parents and social workers.

This cause would have a lasting impact in many ways. First and foremost, this would have a lasting impact on these children who enter foster care in our community. Receiving supplies, a care package, clothes, and personal items at a time where they are nervous and scared would mean a lot for these children. This would also have an impact on social workers and foster parents by starting a foster care placement with less stress. This would also have a lasting impact on our community and beyond by bringing awareness to the need for supporting children entering foster care by providing clothes, personal items, and other supplies. We hope that this will inspire people to continue to donate for this cause so that it will continue in our community for many years to come.