One Friend

To help every student across Kentucky see the need to be that one friend who saves someone's life.

The state of Kentucky has an outdated video about suicide prevention that we have shown in our school for the past several years. It contains obsolete data and information, and students tend to “tune out” as soon as they see the video begin. It is our goal to make a video about suicide prevention that will help students see the need to be a friend to those around them, and to help them identify those students who may be contemplating suicide. Our community suffered several losses from suicide last year, and our school has struggled to help our students cope with the loss of their friends, and with how they might have helped them during their struggles. We want to help students see that anyone can be a friend to someone, and it only takes one friend to change someone’s world.

Trigg County is a very rural community in Western Kentucky. During the school year that our students committed suicide, mental health referrals rose drastically, and the number of students who were deemed a danger to themselves or others rose also. TCHS is trying multiple approaches to make our students understand their need to help those around them and to notice “clues” that students might pick up on that could help save someone’s life. We understand that it is not possible to eradicate suicide, but we would like to do anything we could to decrease the number of suicides and to help stop suicide from being the leading cause of death between 15-18 year olds. At this point, we think that remaking this video could help catch the attention of students, and help them see why the need is so great for them to become a friend to someone around them who may not have a friend.

We are hoping that the grant would not only have a lasting impact on our community, but also all of the communities in the state of Kentucky. This money could have a life-changing impact on thousands of teenagers across our state, and possibly even beyond. Helping students see the need to be a friend to those around them, and helping those who are struggling with difficulties in life would have a lifelong impact on our students, and hopefully help them create successful relationships in the future. We have a great community, and the people here love each other and truly try to look out for each other whenever possible. If there is anything we can do to help students see the need to get help if they need it, or to be of help to someone who needs it; then, we are willing to do whatever it takes to try to make that happen. This grant would ensure that we were able to make a quality video that could be duplicated and shared with those who need a resource to help prevent suicide.