The Twig Cares

Our mission is to encourage and inspire the lives of children in foster care by meeting their needs.

Over 2000 local children are currently in foster care. These children have been in situations of abuse, neglect, and/or abandonment and removed from their homes for their own safety. They are often given a trash bag and 5 minutes to pack to leave their home. When they come to their new foster homes they are scared, confused, and unprepared. We are here to meet this need. Our boutique is open to all children in foster care from newborn - 18 where they can shop free of charge for clothing and shoes while also being filled with encouragement and hope from our volunteers. The Twig is only open for children in foster care so they have a place where they feel they belong and are cared about. Every child has their name placed on our wall so they truly feel a sense of community when they are in this special place. We believe that by giving these children the ability to make choices we are giving them empowerment to be who they want to be and to have a successful future despite their past.

The number of children we serve each month is steadily growing. We currently serve around 300 children each month. Each of these children are able to choose 7 items of clothing and shoes. On top of that we also provide them with socks and undergarments as needed and allow they to pick out an accessory and a book. This means that around 3,000 items go out our doors completely free of charge every month. We want each of these kids to feel like they matter. To do so we need to have new (or what looks new to them ) clothing in all sizes and styles for them to find exactly what fits them physically but also fits their personality. There are foster care clothing closets available where children can search through bins of hand me downs but what we do is different. All of our clothing has our own tags (complete with words of encouragement) and is on matching industrial grade hangers. This makes it feel very special for these children to be in this environment.

When we meet a specific need or a desire of a child we can see the impact on their life right in that moment. From the 12 year old girl who sat on our floor and cried as she tried on a pair of new sneakers when she had never in her life had the opportunity to have new shoes. To the 5 year old boy who was able to fund the perfect suit to wear to his adoption day. Or the teen siblings we were removed from their home the day before school with nothing who came in and got all new clothes to start their school year off well. These children are getting more than clothing, they are getting a positive self esteem boost. The statistics of children in foster care and what their futures look like is not pretty. We believe by filling these kids with encouragement they can become a success story for our community rather than a statistic.