Family Promise Cobb County Help Us Help More Kids

Helping homeless children and the adults with them regain independence and sustain it.

In 2012, our founders learned about the number of homeless children in the county and the small number of beds available for families. Since then, the need for services like ours has only grown. Last year, there were over 2,200 homeless children in Marietta and Cobb Schools . Additionally, we are one of the only organizations in Cobb County whose model is designed for families to stay in shelter, intact, without regard to their makeup. Mothers and fathers with children can stay together, as well as single dads with children . We are one of very few organizations serving family units in Cobb County. Our Rotational Shelter Program represents 22% of the family housing units in the county . While we were able to shelter 19 families in 2018, we had 882 apply for assistance.. Given the large number of families interacting with our agency and Cobb schools, it is vital the services we offer continue.

With affordable housing becoming a term from the past, many more families are needing help. The services provided by Family Promise of Cobb County are designed to assist families on their journey to sustainability, with an emphasis on stability. The $25,000 would help fund case management services and the graduate program. Both of these services boost sustainability for families by emphasizing budgeting, linking to resources like food pantries and summer camp scholarships, and life skills training.

The cost of doing nothing is staggering. At the University of Minnesota, economist Steven Foldes created a study for a youth shelter in Minneapolis to determine the excess lifetime cost that comes from youth homelessness if there is no intervention. He looked at a wide range of expenses: lost earnings, lost tax payments, public expenditures and victim costs for crime, welfare costs, public costs for health care, education and job training and public support of housing. The lifetime excess cost to society of doing nothing would be about $93 million. In the five years of Family Promise of Cobb County's existence, 85% of the families we engaged with stayed housed for a year after homelessness, representing 166 children. These children were granted the chance to reverse the negative effects from the instability of homelessness and grow roots into their communities. The $25,000 from the State Farm grant would have a lifetime impact on the community.

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