Being a good neighbor means more than ever before

Mobile Food Pantry

To end poverty by helping people and changing lives.

Our Mobile Food Pantry provides hunger relief to people with limited or no access to food throughout our region’s food deserts. Providing nutritious food for babies to the elderly is critical for community health, but many residents face barriers to access. Hunger insecurity has multiplied exponentially since the COVID-19 pandemic, and the situation continues to affect additional families on a daily basis. This cause addresses the most basic unmet need, access to nutritional food. We are going to bring food to people who need it most, where they live. As the food distribution center for rural North Central Washington serving dozens of locations with over 2 million pounds of food annually, we know first-hand the need and have the ability to respond with actionable results. We will not allow Chelan and Douglas Counties to continue to experience lower income levels, educational attainment rates, poorer quality of health and higher unemployment and poverty rates than State average.

We received a grant from the North Central Washington Accountable Community of Health to purchase a pickup, a custom-built mobile food pantry (based on a Tiny Home model), and fee placement costs for two full-time AmeriCorps members to coordinate the new food pantry for one year. The funding we have received will support operations for the first year (scheduled to begin service in September 2020), but State Farm’s $25,000 award in combination with four other major gifts would allow us to sustain the program for at least three additional years. “Getting Things Done” is what AmeriCorps members do. Taking action is what Community Action agencies do. These forces combined with your financial support would have a long lasting impact on our program sustainability, and a long lasting impact on the health and well-being of our rural communities. State Farm’s logo would be displayed on the mobile pantry, sharing with our region and beyond, that you have joined the fight against hunger.

People will finally receive food, where they live, particularly in food deserts of North Central Washington. People without access will now have access to nutritious food, improving overall health and well-being in our rural communities. This grant will allow us to continue work for many years beyond the first year that are currently funded for.