We’re building stronger neighborhoods together

High School Academic Enrichment and Mentoring

Our mission is to connect Black students with resources to advance to, through and beyond college.

Chicago faces massive challenges in its education system as a result of systemic issues like racism, classism, and politics. These challenges are magnified for Black students like myself and the pandemic we’ve experienced over the last year has only exacerbated this fact. Chicago’s Black youth need equitable access to quality education to reach their full potential and in doing so will help communities throughout Chicago to reach their potential. College graduation rates for Black students are only half that of Caucasian students. LINK Unlimited Scholars is addressing that gap by providing intense support throughout middle and high school and through the college exploration and advising process. College degrees are the key to helping students break the cycle of poverty and thereby open up a world of possibilities.

$25,000 will enable LINK to increase their impact for Black students and families in under-resourced neighborhoods on the south and west sides of the city. LINK’s core program includes Academic Enrichment, Leadership Development, Career Exposure and College Access and is designed to help Scholars engage academically as culturally responsive and civic minded leaders. LINK works with participants to navigate personal and academic endeavors to ensure they are accepted to and attend highly selective colleges and universities, with minimal out of pocket expense, and successfully obtain the skills to be gainfully employed within six months of graduation. As an alum of the program and a current mentor, I know LINK is committed to providing students with opportunities through career exploration, college planning strategies and selection, and enhancing personal and professional networks.

LINK changes the trajectory of the lives of the students they serve - students who are full of potential, but lacking in opportunities because of systemic barriers. This organization helps Scholars build a foundation and a support system that means they thrive in the academic setting before college and are guided through the daunting college selection and application process. LINK helps Scholars find their voice and build the confidence they need to become tomorrow’s leaders. Scholars learn about career options and ultimately identify opportunities that feel both satisfying and financially rewarding. LINK Scholars complete college degrees and then return to their Chicago communities ready to be community leaders, experts in their fields, entrepreneurs and problem solvers. Scholars build their careers, start families and give back to their city.