Building Bigger

Beacon of Hope

Providing HOPE through financial assistance and patient support to families affected by a cancer.

We exist to serve families who are struggling financially because of a cancer diagnosis. This program’s focus is to impact 25 families that we wouldn’t have been able to without this grant. It doesn’t stop there – the impact is an exponential one, touching all of the lives that are intertwined with those families. In more concrete terms, our objective is to immediately deliver $1,000 each to 25 families. These families have already requested emergency assistance, so once we receive funding, it will just be a matter of coordinating with those recipients. However, our purpose doesn’t end there. Once assistance is provided, they become family to our organization. They are eligible to use our wellness services indefinitely and to find solidarity/strength in our community events. Children affected by a cancer diagnosis can partake in our youth program, Generation Dream, which aims to educate and foster connection between the young residents of our region and cancer patients.

This year, more than ever, struggling families who are not only battling a cancer diagnosis, but who are also facing challenges such as lost income due to the pandemic, need a helping hand up. This $25,000 would be used in its entirety to provide direct assistance these families. The requests and applications from patients flood our phones on a daily basis and this is an unprecedented year of extreme needs: there is the patient with liver cancer facing eviction due to overdue rent, an uninsured colon cancer patient struggling to cover her treatments, a single mom struggling to pay for prescriptions for breast cancer treatment, a 13-year-old fighting for his life against brain cancer. These families deserve a helping hand, and together with State Farm this award would address all these unmet needs and more. Together we can provide a beacon of hope.

On a pragmatic note, these funds will help to keep 25 cancer patients and their families housed, fed, up-to-date with medical bills, and able to procure the transportation and childcare that is often needed for cancer-related appointments. This program will also give these families access to our wellness services through the Service Arm we’ve created, which includes yoga, acupuncture, community connection through events, and so much more. Realistically, providing $1,000 each to these 25 families very well may lead to some of the patients staying in treatment who might have otherwise dropped out of it due to lacking resources. And, finally, in a broad sense, this program serves the purpose of instilling hope in our community. We aim to be a beacon of hope for those who are struggling in the same ways our own CEO once did. This program will help us to do just that – to remind strangers that they are not alone and to allow us to help keep them afloat during their trying life chapter.

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